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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What was the most money ever paid for a book?

The world record of $30.8 million was paid for The Codex Leicester, Leonardo Da Vinci. This book contained Leonard Da Vinci's scientific journals on his thoughts and theories.

Microsoft co-founder and richest man in the world Bill Gates won this Da Vinci book in an auction. To this day, the book holds the world record for the most money spent on a single book.

Monday, February 22, 2016

What does Slabbed mean in comics?

Slabbed is a term referencing the professional grading of comic books through the CGC (Certified Guaranty Company), located in Sarasota, Florida and established in 2000. The CGC has graded comic books of all types: Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, Copper Age, and Modern Age.

CGC professional grading inspired the beginning of high grade sales. 9.0+ comic books have fetched multiple times the Overstreet Comic Price Guide listing. CCG graded copies give comic book owners and sellers authenticity to back such grades. It keeps the comic book industry honest.

When a comic book is slabbed, it is sent off to the CGC with a fee. All slabbed comic books are on file. If a high grade Action Comics #1 and/or Detective Comics #27 shows up in a CGC case without a history of this comic book in census, then it is suspect of some wrongdoing.

Fresh slabbed comic books in high grades are selling for record prices. Heritage Auctions is one of the most recognized comic book auctions where comic book sales records are broken.

Check CGC Comics website for the cost of slabbing your comic books.

How to find the first appearance of a comic book character?

Comic books are gathering steam again. With recent Deadpool and previous comic book movies playing on the silver screen, this popularity is translating into steady increases in key issues.

Demand is heating up for major comic book issues from Silver Age, Bronze Age, Copper Age and Modern Age books. The Walking Dead #1, though a relevant new issue (2003), is selling at above $1,000. New Mutants #98, the first appearance of Deadpool, is selling fast on auction websites.

How do we find the first appearance of comic book characters? There is a comic book website with the first appearance of many major characters.

Visit the following website here to find the 1st appearance & origin of comic book superheroes and characters.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

First Appearance of Black Panther

Black Panther is the first highly public black comic book character. The first appearance of Black Panther took place in Fantastic Four #52, released in July, 1966.

Black Panther movie is due to be released in the movie box office in 2018. Fruitvale Station and Creed director, Ryan Coogler, is a leading contender to direct Black Panther.

As a key black comic character, Black Panther is expected to attract widespread attention. A black director may be ideal to give this movie its authentic roots.

However, Anthony Mackie, the actor who is playing Falcon in Captain America movies, believes the search for a black director to helm Black Panther is unnecessary. He feels race shouldn't be considered an selection criterion to direct this upcoming Black Panther movie.

Fantastic Four #52 is a highly sought after comic book. Based on current and future interest, acquiring this key issue is likely to bolster your comic book collection.

Deadpool first Appearance

Deadpool movie is opening this holiday weekend. This Marvel movie is expected to make $75+ million over the 4-day President's Day holiday weekend.

The first appearance of Deadpool took place in New Mutants #98, released in February, 1991. 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Gods Of Egypt movie launched on

.Movie is surely getting some major movie players registering this highly expensive gTLD. At a cost $399 annual renewal cost, how many of these domain names beyond the obvious premiums ( and will get dropped? $399 is extremely expensive to register a .Movie domain name. It seems this extension was created to help the movie industry find the best movie name to use in their marketing campaign.

In a movie preview last night, I noticed that Alex Proyas' Gods Of Egypt movie is using as their online markerting website to promote this upcoming movie. If you visit this website, you can watch the movie trailer and view other details about Gods Of Egypt. 

We've enjoyed locating some extremely premium movie domain names in the dot com extension. These domains hold the power of influence; they can convert keyword searches into viable leads. This means people are actively searching for these movie keywords, typing them into search engines daily to locate these types of movies. When developed, these movie websites offer unique information to answer questions. 

Nevertheless, Gods Of Egypt is an expensive movie production awaiting a big opening weekend. But, registering makes sense since the current owner of has this domain name parked and doesn't have it for sale. $399 is an extremely small price to pay for online marketing of a big fantasy movie production.

In the end, is a good choice. Movie studios can get access to their exact movie name, pairing this with a descriptive "right of the dot" extension in .Movie. 

What other .Movie gTLDs are developed movie websites? 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Most Overpriced gTLD: .Movie?

gTLDs are changing the online climate for end-users. These end-users have access to many left of the dot keywords. They register keywords under these top tier keywords, boosting their web presence in that particular space. The drawbacks of certain gTLD domains are the high cost of renewing them and speculative prices in the aftermarket.

One particular gTLD that is way overpriced is .Movie. The movie industry refuses to purchase good movie dot com domain names from domain owners. They would rather invent a bad domain name than pay a decent price to acquire a far better name instead of building this referring traffic to sell DVDs, promote movies, and to increase brand awareness. Print advertisements, online ads, previews, and commercials represent their main line to market movies. 

At $399 per year, .Movie is setting absurd prices. The only way .Movie is worth registering is if the former owner built pre-existing value in this keyword and this can be pointed to an existing movie website to boost traffic and/or revenue. The movie industry complains about domain owners charging too much for a domain name, but then a new extension overcharges for a keyword that domain holders will likely drop once renewal fees come due the following year. 

We just don't see the value of keeping a .movie past a year. Movie studios can register these domains to promote a movie. However, these keyword-based .Movie extensions are going to be dropped. $399 is far too much of a risk unless the keyword extension holder is using this .Movie site to stream porn. This is the only way a .movie makes any sense, because it is not profitable to retain at this enormous price. No arguments will dictate registering a .Movie at $399 per year. 

Was .Movie introduced to help the movie industry register a movie name? Who really knows? It makes business sense to charge $399 for a .Movie. Nevertheless, running a .Movie extension may be launched for temporarily use. In future years, another domain investor may register this dropped name to use for website traffic. What is the motivation behind .Movie and this $399 annual registration fee?  

What are your thoughts on .Movie?